Pro.Co.Se srl:

The CEO starts his experience in 1996 in PETROCHEMICAL INDUSTRIES in routine and supplementary maintenance services, as well as new plants and metalwork fabrications, continues his experience in the OFF-SHORE sector in the construction and maintenance of oil platforms, until 2000 when he starts his experience in the MARINE sector as Manager for the piping R&S team on the new constructions of passenger ships. 2016 the challenge continues…

The COO starts his experience in 1995 in the NAVAL sector, in particular first on TANK SHIPS and next on CRUISE SHIPS. The naval experience starts in the hull shipyard management and then in the piping sector. In the early 2000 he continues with the management of specific turnkey activities, and SERVICE activities on sailing ships as well as DRY-DOCK to date with the technical management of installation on sailing ships of SCRUBBERS.


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